Jennifer Porter is one of those American vocalists who will always exist at the cutting edge of fine music...Her versatility is often breath-taking.” - Roy Bainton

— Blues Matters Magazine-U.K.

Press for "Yes, I Do!"


"Yes, I Do! constitutes my first hearing of the magnificent pipes and total vocal command that Ms. Porter wields along with full studio-pro-level execution on each of her keyboards. The smoothness and quiet assurance in her singing is unusual in contemporary blues, and so rewarding to experience in good headphones.  Her range allows her to glide the intra-verse refrains in Over You as if effortless, yet with the poignancy of the song's desolation.  Slurring into pitches with the certainty of Sarah Vaughan, she never misses her targets.  Somehow, the impression is that Jennifer Porter is holding back, allowing all the feeling of her lyrics in mezza voce, only hinting at the power and teasing with occasional syllables the blessing each vowel receives when such an artist intones it.  Voices like Jennifer’s do not come along with any frequency, and the combination of natural talent and disciplined control is even rarer.   (I) envy anyone who gets to listen to (Her) voice in natural surroundings with out mics and PAs. Yes, I Do! is masterful work.  Yes, It Is!" - Dave Gallaher, Talkin' The Blues With Microwave Dave WLRH Huntsville, Al and WUTC FM Chattanooga TN

"With a beautiful voice that drips majestically with plenty of soul , Jennifer's influences run deep…her compelling vocals and unique songwriting sparkle with creative diversity. Jennifer has the enviable ability to easily switch from jazz and blues to country and opera , showcasing an extraordinary versatility as a singer… Highly regarded as a true trailblazer in the music industry Jennifer is truly gifted as a performer.

Wonderfully produced , beautifully executed , "YES,I DO" is music for the soul , a spirited repertoire that is joyfully engaging . Jennifer Porter's remarkable voice , and her fascinating covers , alongside her own thoughtful and inventive compositions , make her a most noteworthy addition to the world's music scene . As a musician Jennifer is simply extraordinary . "Yes,I Do" is refreshing , ready to bring smiles to your faces and good times with you wherever you roam Thunderous Applause...." - John Muller Blue Notes And Conversations, NJ, US

"Languid, hot and sultry…really classy. Just feel good music at its very best … A very good album. Get it NOW." - Graeme Scott -Blues Matters, UK

“Jennifer Porter continues to solidify her status as a powerhouse in the realm of blues-infused soul…“Yes, I Do!” is a CD which reaffirms her place as one of the most exciting voices in contemporary music. With its irresistible melodies, soulful grooves, and heartfelt lyrics, this album is sure to leave a smile on the face of anyone who listens.” -Hear Pop -UK

"Great!… Timeless!…Excellent! Just wonderful!" - Joachim Brookes Rock Times- Germany

"Jennifer Porter is a keyboardist who possesses an amazing voice and is a marvelous songwriter.  Those talents are on full display on her latest release, Yes, I Do! (Cougar Moon Music), a fabulous set of blues and roots songs …Yes, I Do! is an entertaining set of traditional blues and roots music from Jennifer Porter, a talented performer and composer who deserves to be heard." -Blues Bytes Review - Graham Clarke U.S.

"With her ninth album, “Yes I Do,” Porter highlights her ability to create a lyrical masterpiece of bluesy Americana and deliver it in a silky smooth vocal style that underscores the eloquence of her music." - Jim White, Blues Roadhouse U.S.

"Jennifer Porter’s ninth studio album, “YES, I DO!” arrives as a jubilant celebration of Blues and Roots music, a testament to Porter’s exceptional artistry and songwriting prowess. With a signature style that seamlessly fuses New Orleans-inspired arrangements and the soulful essence of Memphis Soul, this album is a vibrant tapestry of musical brilliance… Jennifer Porter’s latest offering is a gem that promises to resonate deeply with audiences, leaving an indelible mark in the ever-evolving landscape of blues, soul, and roots music." -  Jace Music Media -U.K.


"With Yes I Do, Jennifer Porter shows that she has not forgotten how to make music and that after nine albums she is still relevant within the music scene. The music radiates conviction and experience in everything, with the quality of the songs being the most important. Some albums don't have to make much effort to make you feel good and this is one of them, pure magic…a valuable album and one to cherish." - Orange Flag Music - The Netherlands

'Yes, I Do' by Jennifer Porter is a great album. Jennifer is an excellent songwriter, she has a beautiful voice and is a very gifted keyboardist." - The Concert Monkey, The Netherlands

"A singer with a sumptuous voice and a brilliant pianist, Jennifer Porter is a complete artist…(Yes, I Do!) is an album where absolutely nothing is left to the sidelines." - Fred Delforge Zicazic Magazine, France

"(Yes, I Do!) A beautiful album. Jennifer Porter is an accomplished musician who rewards us with this new opus in a suave and even and it must be said captivating way." – Alain Hiot –FRANCE

"‘Yes, I Do!’ packs a punch that resonates long after the final note fades. Each song is a carefully put together gem, polished to perfection and infused with Porter’s signature charisma. From the opening track to the closing notes, listeners are treated to an experience that is both captivating and deeply moving.

Porter’s vocals are the heart and soul of the album, transitioning from sultry and smooth to raw and powerful. Her emotive delivery is heartfelt, inviting all to join her on a poignant journey through life’s trials and triumphs. Backed by a talented ensemble of musicians, Porter’s vocals soar above the rich sounds, creating an encounter which leaves us craving another replay." – All I NEED IS MUSIC, UK

"Jennifer Porter’s new album is a delightful selection of blues and Americana songs, driven by Porter's top drawer keyboard skills, finely-honed writing talents and a superb, airy, deeply emotional voice… There is a lightness and joy to Porter's music, aligned to a deep emotional connection, that echoes the music of these two giants (Bessie Smith and Leroy Carr), albeit in a modern musical setting.

Yes, I Do! is one of those albums where you want to play it again as the last note of the last song fades.  Very impressive stuff." - Rhys Lightnin’ Williams, Blues Blast Magazine, US and UK


"(On Yes, I Do!) Jennifer’s invitingly smooth warming vocals, effortlessly glide above the seriously raucous rolling, jazz fuelled piano…Reccomended!" – Brian Harman - Blues In The South –UK

"Porter’s vocals, rich with sincerity, breathe life into the narrative, making “Yes, I Do” a poignant and memorable musical experience." - Harry Radstake, Bluestown Music, NL

"Extolling the best of blues' traits, award-winning American singer-songwriter Jennifer Porter has crafted a gem of an album in her release, 'Yes, I Do!' …Throughout it all, Porter’s powerful dynamic range and versatility are the glue that holds and spearheads the album’s themes together… "Yes, I Do!" is a sparklingly, delightful addition to the New Year and, without a doubt, a fine way to kickstart your 2024’s "blues/roots artists to watch" playlist. Jennifer Porter and gang have showcased why the blues are still as relevant as ever, and with lyrical themes demonstrating the varying form and nature of romance, the album is a winner all the way!" - Vai Thomas, BWH Music, Austin TX

"A silky-smooth vocalist and keyboard player who would have been a comfortable fit in a café society nightclub in New Orleans in the ‘50s or ‘60s, Jennifer Porter swings from the hip on delightful, blues-infused follow-up to Sun Come and Shine, which took the Americana/roots world by storm three years ago…A sweet treat sure to brighten your mood."- Red Hot ‘N’ Blues – Chicago Blues Guide

"This highly anticipated collection showcases Porter's unparalleled vocal prowess and dynamic boogie-woogie piano skills in an unbridled art form of her profound love of blues and roots music….Jennifer Porter has established herself as a prominent figure in the world of blues and roots music. Good looking!" - Philip Verhaege, Keys And Chords Magazine, BE

"In all songs Jennifer shows her versatility as a singer, with a well-pitched suggestive voice that drives us along elegant paths, thanks to her skills and good tone on piano and the way she develops her repertoire.

The songs that make up this album present a range of styles that confirm the wide possibilities of an artist who knows how to move with reliability and good taste… Jennifer Porter’s beautiful voice and piano playing will certainly captivate anyone who listen to this album to, in this way, discover a more than interesting performer." - Vicente Zúmel, La Hora De Blues, Spain

"In a scene often saturated with trends and fleeting sounds, Jennifer Porter’s latest offering, “Yes, I Do!”, is a refreshing reflection of timeless soulfulness and authenticity. With her blend of traditional bluesy vibes and contemporary flair, Porter compels, bringing melodies that feel both nostalgic and fresh.

From the moment the needle drops on the first track, it’s evident that Porter is on a mission to charm, and she succeeds wholeheartedly. The album opens with a soul-stirring groove that sets the stage for what’s to come. With each subsequent track, she takes us on a journey through the highs and lows of love and life, her vocals dripping with emotion and sincerity.

One of the standout aspects of “Yes, I Do!” is Porter’s ability to balance reverence for classic soul with a modern sensibility. While the album pays homage to the genre’s roots, it never feels trapped in the past. Instead, Porter infuses each track with contemporary elements, whether it’s a subtle modern flourish or a clever lyrical turn, ensuring that the album resonates with audiences in 2024 and beyond." - Barrington, Multimedia Industry Connected, UK

"From the opening track to the final notes, ‘Yes, I Do!’ keeps us on our toes with its rich offerings of soulful vocals and expertly crafted instrumentations. Porter’s voice is a force to be reckoned with, gliding between sultry whispers and powerful belting, pulling us in with every note." - Shanade Connor, Music Charts, UK

"Jennifer Porter leaps out of the blues scene with her latest album, “Yes, I Do!”. Based in Maine, this singer-songwriter gifts us all with a compelling narrative that deliveries themes of love and introspection from the get-go. With each track, Porter takes control with soulful, blues-infused performances that leave a mark. Also, what sets this album apart is its universal appeal—it transcends the confines of traditional blues and soul, inviting listeners from all walks of life to immerse themselves in the journey. Moreover, from start to finish, “Yes, I Do!” promises a listening experience that resonates deeply, making it a standout addition to any music collection. Therefore, whether you’re a die-hard blues enthusiast or someone simply seeking soulful melodies and poignant lyrics, this album delivers." -  A. Murray Music Notion, UK

"This record (Yes, I Do!) is bursting with variety and the whole thing is at a high level...Vocally, Jennifer adapts to any style of music competently and credibly. The result is music of great quality and quality with a lot of entertainment value." - Musik An Sich, Germany

"Jennifer creates a sensual atmosphere in a smoky bar in New Orleans and with her deep, warm voice she plays with the words and lyrics…the entire production is simply of excellent quality…extremely pleasant to listen to. Enjoy listening!" - Muziekplank, NL

"With eight tracks brimming with authenticity, Porter pays homage to musical legends like Professor Longhair, Billie Holiday, and Carol King while carving out her own unique sound. From the first note to the last, “Yes, I Do!” stuns with its rich melodies and emotive storytelling.

Porter’s velvety vocals glide over each arrangement, infusing every lyric with raw emotion!" - Emily Kowalczyk New In Music, UK

"Jennifer’s lovely, smiling face aligns well with her silky vocals… The album provides easy-going jazzy blues." - The Kentuckian Blues Society

“'A jubilant ode to Blues and roots music.' Her latest musical masterpiece focuses on Jennifer Porter with the release of her ninth album, “YES, I DO!” Eagerly anticipated, this collection showcases Porter's unparalleled vocal prowess and dynamics, boogie-woogie piano skills in an unbridled celebration of her depth and love of blues and roots music. An unforgettable musical journey “YES, I DO!” is a testament to the exceptionality of Jennifer Porter's songwriting." - Jan Van Eck Radio Duivenstaat, NL

"Jennifer Porter's latest offering, "Yes, I Do!" serves up a sumptuous feast for the ears…this eight-track gem is one to relish!...This is feel-good music at its finest, guaranteed to lift spirits and set toes tapping… Throughout "Yes, I Do!", Jennifer Porter proves herself to be a consummate artist, blending elements of blues, soul, and jazz into a cohesive whole." -  George Davidson ,Subba Cultcha, UK

'We couldn’t help but get excited about Jennifer Porter’s latest musical offering, “Yes, I Do!”. From the moment the record plays, it is easy to find oneself transported to the vibrant streets of New Orleans and the soulful ambiance of Memphis, where the essence of blues and soul intertwine…“Yes, I Do!” delivers an irresistible blend of nostalgia and innovation…Each lyric feels like a personal reflection, inviting listeners to delve deep into the heart of the music. Having reviewed previous releases from Jennifer, it is thrilling to see her continuing to push the boundaries of her work. “Yes, I Do!” not only pays homage to her musical influences but also solidifies her position as a trailblazer in the contemporary blues and soul scene. Five out of five stars." – George James. The Musical Hype UK

"Porter's crystal voice reaches truly impressive heights… This is a gem of an album!...Jennifer Porter is a vocalist full of contrasts. In her singing, she combines blues with classical music, using a large vocal range and a wide palette of colors. She has a great repertoire in which she perfectly navigates the blue notes, while sweetening them quite a bit... I don't know how she does it, but it works!" - Bozena Mazur, Twoj Blues, Poland

"We talked about Jennifer Porter before, in addition to undeniable singing qualities, the lady from Maine showed herself to be an equally passionate pianist and songwriter on Sun Come And Shine. Her ninth long-player(Yes, I Do!) shows the intrinsic class of La Porter…" - Cis Van Looy, Written In Music, NL

"Jennifer Porter is a keyboardist who possesses an amazing voice and a marvelous songwriter.  Those talents are on full display on her latest release, Yes, I Do! (Cougar Moon Music), a fabulous set of blues and roots songs…Showcasing (Jennifer’s) marvelous voice and keyboards…Delightful…Impressive… Yes, I Do! is an entertaining set of traditional blues and roots music from Jennifer Porter, a talented performer and composer who deserves to be heard." - Graham Clarke Blues Bytes, USA

"Warm, Beautiful Subdued Vocals…Beautiful piano…Excellent Hammond B3 and Wurlitzer…'Yes, I Do!' is an excellent album." - Gerrit Schinkel, Bluestown Music, NL

"(Jennifer’s) songs are just as strong as the oeuvre of other New Orleans greats." - Luminous Dash Music Magazine, BE

"'Yes I Do!' is an album on which we get eight songs, sung by an excellent singer with a seductive voice, Jennifer Porter…

Her broad musical creativity and concise lyrics have allowed her to shape a truly wide range of genres, from opera to blues, and translate it into her own sophisticated and above all elegant personal vision.

Since this is already her ninth album, Jennifer absolutely knows what she has to do and she does exactly that… With her ninth album, "Yes, I Do!", Jennifer Porter brings to the fore her ability to create a lyrical piece of bluesy Americana and delivers it in her silky vocal style, which emphasizes all the eloquence and expressiveness of her music… Jennifer Porter created six of the eight wonderful songs on the album and incorporated her own sparkling style into two traditional blues covers. She handles vocals in her inimitable Honey style and plays piano or Wurlitzer or Hammond B3, sometimes all three, on every track on the album. There are really no strangers to Jennifer when it comes to the music she performs so soulfully and impressively… here again in the new month has the opportunity to present the kind of music that is not exactly pure blues, but that's exactly where all the charm of what comes to us from the album lies… why not try what the extraordinary Jennifer Porter has to offer." - Mladen Loncar, Blues Corner SoundGaurdian, Croatia

"[Jennifer’s] first love is music and her ninth album titled "Yes, I Do!" confirms that commitment with an eight song take on rootsy Americana all underscored by her inimitable keyboard playing and silky-smooth vocals…smooth, sexy and swinging …funky and soulful…beautiful yet melancholy…An excellent new album." - Bob Silvestri Best of WNY, Buffalo/Niagra at its best, USA

"A mighty fine CD (Yes, I Do!)...A welcome surprise." - Edoardo Fassio , Catfish Blues, Radio Banda Larga, Italy

"(Yes, I Do!) is such a precious gem with (Jennifer’s) sweet velvet voice, brilliant arrangements and so many beautiful songs. Soul and blues never sounded so enjoyable and original!" - Massimo Ferro Highway 61 Blues, Italy

"Those of us blues fans heretofore unfamiliar with Jennifer Porter are in for a treat. Until listening to this, her ninth album, I was one of that cohort of the uninitiated, but consider me now enlightened…Sublime… the emphasis of the set is Porter’s singing…as is appropriate. The best adjectives I can find to describe her vocals are

smooth and buttery. Her voice is supple and sultry,and she can glide at an instant from depth to high soprano. “Yes I Do” offers variety and virtuosity." -  Steve Hamilton, Big City Rhythm And Blues Magazine,  Royal Oak, MI, USA

"A very tasty album, indeed! (Yes, I Do!)" – Scott Wilkinson, The Blues Never Die, CHRW FM London, Ontario, Canada

“Yes, I Do!” is more than pleasantly listenable roots record by Jennifer Porter. Rootstime, BE

US & European Press

"In der Ruhe liegt die Kraft. Jennifer Porters Bandbreite der Emotionen ist riesig. Die Feinsinnigkeit reflektieren auch die Mitmusiker. Jennifer Porters Reise durch diverse Genres hin zu musikalisch-geografischen Zielen ist brillant. Jennifer Porters Stimme ist über jeden Zweifel erhaben. Wie die Songs ist auch ihr Gesang stets gefühlvoll, manchmal filigran-fragil wie chinesisches Porzellan. Die zehn Tracks sind wie ein Spiegel der hervorragenden Texte, die die Protagonistin geschrieben hat…Infizierender Groove trifft auf Roots Music, gesungen mit Jennifer Porters hinreißender Soulstimme…"Sun Come And Shine" ist rundum ein Highlight. Wer Musik aus unterschiedlichen Genres, vereint unter dem Dach einer Jennifer Porter, mag, ist bei dieser Künstlerin genau an der richtigen Adresse."

"In tranquility lies great strength.  Jennifer Porter's range of emotions is enormous. Her journey through diverse genres to musical-geographic destinations is brilliant. Jennifer's voice is beyond a doubt sublime. Like the songs, her singing is always soulful, and full of feeling, sometimes filigree-fragile like Chinese porcelain. The ten tracks are like a mirror of the excellent texts that the protagonist herself wrote…Infectious groove meets roots music, sung with Jennifer Porter's gorgeous soul voice…"Sun Come And Shine" is an all-round highlight…Anyone who likes music from different genres, united under the roof of a Jennifer Porter talent, is at the right address with this artist." - Joachim 'Joe' Brookes, Rocktimes – DE

Zoals steeds vaart de immens getalenteerde en van een uniek stemgeluid voorziene Porter haar eigen koers. Verwacht dus zeker geen cliché rhythm & blues, blues en soul. Neen, Jennifer geeft deze genres een compleet eigen twist. Noem het gerust de ‘Jennifer Porter twist’…‘Sun Come And Shine’ is andermaal een knaller van een album. Jennifers hemelse stem, haar prachtige composities, de tot in detail uitgewerkte arrangementen en de persoonlijke draai die ze aan rhythm & blues, blues en soul weet te geven, onderscheiden haar van menig artiest. Het wordt hoog tijd dat deze dame internationaal doorbreekt. 

As always, the immensely talented and unique voiced Porter sails her own course. So don't expect cliché rhythm & blues, blues and soul. No, Jennifer gives these genres their own twist. Feel free to call it the "Jennifer Porter twist"…"Sun Come And Shine" is another hit of an album. Jennifer's heavenly voice, her beautiful compositions, the detailed arrangements and the personal twist she manages to give to rhythm & blues, blues and soul, distinguish her from many artists. It is high time for this lady to break through internationally. Lambert Smits –Keys And Chords, BE

"Jennifer Porter captivates with ‘Sun Come And Shine’.  The delivery is instantly empowering with a soundscape unlike any other in the current space...Fusing many sounds into one, Jennifer creates a hybrid of blues and soul, and she takes a giant leap forward, leaving us itching to hit replay once it comes to its closing second." – Max Jordan, New In Music - UK

*“‘Show Me Your Love,’ by Jennifer Porter is a real treat. She’s fierce as ever, and cements her position as one of the most enthralling female blues singers of recent times.” ★★★★★ - Emily Harris, GSGM – UK

“Jennifer Porter heeft met Sun Come And Shine een langspeler gemaakt die schittert door de subtiele aanpak die hier geraadpleegd wordt. Haar stem en haar liedjes komen zo perfect tot hun recht.”

“Jennifer Porter has made an LP with Sun Come And Shine whose subtle approach shines through. Her voice and her songs come into their own so perfectly.” - Ralf W, WHITE ROOM REVIEWS - NL

“Jennifer has a beautiful, folksy singer-songwriter feel from the ‘70s that is soulful, heartfelt, and charming as can be… From the press of play, Jennifer Porter commands one’s attention. There were two cherries on top though when it comes to Jennifer Porter’s ballads…her song, “I’ll Be Here” hit me like a ton of bricks – in the best way possible. Rising Artists - UK

“Artiste polyvalente au possible, Jennifer Porter est une artiste indispensable qui signe avec « Sun Come And Shine » une œuvre superbement aboutie. Qu’on se le dise !”

“As versatile an artist as can be, Jennifer Porter is an indispensable artist who presents with "Sun Come And Shine" a superbly accomplished work. Spread the word!” - Fred Delforge, Zicazic - France

“Jennifer Porter die met haar fantastische stem eigenlijk moeiteloos alle muziekstijlen wel aan kan. Sun Come And Shine is wederom een kwaliteitsalbum van Jennifer Porter. De tien tracks zijn puntgave composities en vocaal is de Amerikaanse wederom ijzersterk.” 

“…Jennifer Porter can handle all musical styles effortlessly with her fantastic voice. Sun Come And Shine is once again a quality album by her. The ten tracks are great compositions and The American’s vocal is again, strong.” - Corne Van Groenedaal- Muziek - NL

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