1. Satin Shoes
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She of almond eyes
Is such a sweet child
Who is lost
In the company of men
Steps out in her Irish shawl
To smile
Over bottles of wine
Raising eyebrows in the company of men

Have a happy ending
Fill the silver bowl with sweetgrass
Put on your satin shoes and darkest rouge
We’ll paint with colored chalk
‘Til it’s all washed away
Warm and barefoot in the morning autumn air

‘Til it runs down our legs
As we listen for signs of life
We’ll feel sad when we sit very still
To ask for joy and pray for time
We can’t recall we ever knew
How desperately we need a happy ending

She knows what lonely is
At night
When her daughter sleeps
She weeps
For the kindness of her love
Silent through the window
She flies
For the ancient tree
Adorned with kisses from her kind and gentle love


Now reflect on your heart
My sister
By blood and breath
And know with joy
That we make
Our happy endings
Forsake nothing you desire
Believe in
My dreams for you
And know for certain
You deserve
A happy ending