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You’re so easy to be with
It’s so easy to sink right in
To go with the flow, the irresistible glow
Of your beautiful skin

You’re so easy to get lost in
I forget to find my way
Like a sorcerer’s spell or a magical well
I could drink from you the livelong day

Just a few minutes more
Maybe five, maybe ten
I lose my will again and again
‘Cause no matter what I do
I just want to be with you

Well just a few minutes more
Then I’ll go wandering in these chords
Try to coax them into some sort of herd
Wind them up, shape them up in groupings of four
But it’s hopeless ‘cause it’s you I want more

You’re so easy to be with
It’s so hard to stay away
To get something done when your body’s the one
And only song I want to play

You’re so easy to love, Dear
You’re so lovely through and through
My one desire, you’re all I require
I give everything I have to you